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Cables4computer may be the one-stop store for computer gamers, music enthusiasts, IT professionals, technicians searching for hard disk drives, networking solutions, cables, connectors or adapters.

Cables4computer has greater than 2500 best selling products available and able to ship on 24 hour of order. Featured products of cables4computer are Ziplinq cables, audio-limitless products, serious cables, Kabling Cables, Pro Audio-video series cables, ultra flat cables and cables limitless cables.

Kabling Series cables and Wireless loudspeakers:

Purchasing Kabling designer Pink series products and wireless loudspeakers at cables4computer you’ll be not directly adding to National Cancer Of The Breast Foundation. KaBLING cables and wireless loudspeakers are ideal for any laptop, desktop, and seem system. These striking pink USB, Power, Audio, HDMI, Cat5e cables are fully tricked by helping cover their brilliant, hands applied crystals, adding style to the computer. Increase the mix their incredible sounding portable 900 megahertz Pink Wireless Loudspeakers! Showcase your Pink style with KaBLING Designer Pink Series products while supporting fighting against cancer of the breast.

Audio Limitless Wireless Earphones & Loudspeakers

For that ultimate listening pleasure, try Audio Limitless type of 2.4GHz & 900MHz wireless indoor-outside mountable loudspeakers, wireless earphones, wireless outside rock loudspeakers, wireless and floating pool speaker, wireless shower speaker and much more! Connect the transmitter to the audio device, much like your digital receiver, ipod device/iPhone, CD/Music player, PC/Laptop or any TV, DVD, or Blu-Ray player. Portable versatility with very obvious seem as much as 150 ft from your music source. Audio Limitless goods are an easy wire-free solution anywhere inside or outdoors your house, transmitting the audio signal through walls, floors, ceilings. With auto-scan feature, phase lock loop technology (PLL), you are guaranteed interference-free music. No static, hisses, or pops. Plus pay attention to exactly the same music or program during your office or home with the addition of loudspeakers for your current set.

Pro A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio & Video Cables & Accessories

Pro A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio & Video Cables are wide selection of high finish cables & connectors to maximise entertainment experience. If you’re looking for that cables for Watching Movies viewing and listening, consider Pro A/V Series premium type of cables and connectors. Cables4computer av HDMI products integrate and seamlessly connect your A/V components to achieve the very best high-definition, Plasma, DLP, LCD image, and optimize the seem clearness of the multi-funnel entertainment system.

UltraFlat Cables & Accessories

UltraFlat Cables are adhesive backed, may be used on just about any smooth, clean surface, could be mounted on a surface and left uncovered, or perhaps be easily engrossed in paint, wallpaper, or floors. UltraFlat HDMI Watching Movies cables are made to make sure the perfect change in digital audio and video signals. These unique ultraFlat twisted pair construction cables rich in-density shielding reduce crosstalk while offering a cleaner signal than round cables. They are well suited for running behind entertainment systems, under carpet, or around corners. Forget about pulling wire through walls, attics, or using ugly wire mold.

UltraFlat Cat6 high end gigabit Ethernet patch cables are ideal for connecting your computer to some network where space is tight. With the reliability and gratifaction of the standard Cat6 patch cable, this 1.2mm thick cable suits the tightest space. Your desktop or wall jack is less cluttered.

Hardcore Gaming Series Cables & Accessories

Bring your gaming experience one stage further with Hardcore Gaming series type of Wii, PS3, and X-BOX360 premium A/V play and charge cables, controllers, charging pier stations and kits, power supplies, infra red inductors. For that ultimate gaming pleasure, connect them to your house Theatre!

ZipLinq Mobility Solutions

The right mobility option would be our revolutionary best retracting ZipLinq products made to simplify & increase your capability to connect in your own home, or on the highway. ZipLinq Retracting cables are available in USB, Firewire, Mobile phone Chargers, PDA Charge and Sync Cables, Modular Telephone as well as networking cables, a Small Optical USB Mouse, ipod device and iPhone adapters.

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